Awareness is a statement that separates man from other creatures and allows the human to develop. Being aware of both its own intrinsic and extrinsic conditions means that one recognizes many blind spots in the area. Awareness means getting conscious. Science, art, philosophy and politics are in this sense both a state of awareness and means of building awareness.

Journal of Awareness (JoA)  is an international refereed journal which started to be published in 2016 (E-ISSN:2149-6544).  It aims to create a forum on awareness. In this perspective, high quality  articles are going to be published. Opinions and studies of the academicians and researchers, especially about social sciences will be published. The articles in the journal will be published  4 times a year; WINTER (January), SPRING (April), Summer (July), AUTUMN (October)

Journal of Awareness (JoA) is a multidisciplinary journal and publishes articles on all branches of social science and arts.



Manuscript submissions for the JANUARY 2019 Issue of JoA is still ongoing.

Vol 3 No 4 (2018)

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